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We want you to feel confident taking care of your dog no matter where they are. From group training to private 1-2-1 training, we provide you with everything you need to develop a positive relationship with your dog. Browse our services below.

All our group classes are held at Haysden Country Park, Tonbridge.

Dog Walker at the Park

6 week Puppy Course - mixed age

Friday 1.30pm

This 6 week course for puppy training will cover all the basic obedience skills that you need to train a well mannered puppy.  This class is suitable for puppies once they are fully vaccinated (appx. 3 months) and older puppies who need some additional training.  Include’s loose lead walking skills, basic manners, recall exercises, some fun games and tricks. Plus information for owners on common puppy issues.

Classes are held at Haysden Country Park, in the dog training field at the far end of the car park.

Cute Puppy

Puppy School 3-5 months

Saturday 11.45am

This is a fun group class where you will gain all the information that you need to train a well behaved puppy. Suitable for all puppies once they are fully vaccinated (appx. 3 months). Classes include basic manners, loose lead walking, recall exercises, socialisation opportunities, some fun tricks. Plus information for owners on toilet training, chewing, biting, jumping up etc.

Classes are held at Haysden Country Park, in the dog training field at the rear of the car park.


1-2-1 Private 1 hour

A Little Goes a Long Way

A private 1 hour, 1-2-1 session for you and your dog or puppy. To be tailored around your individual needs behaviours such as loose lead walking, recall, basic manners, obedience, some fun tricks or common puppy issues such as toilet training, jumping up, chewing or biting can be covered.  

Please email me to discuss your requirements further.

£45 per hour, or for 3 sessions booked in advance £120.

Dog giving a high five

6 months plus
Group Training


9am and 10.15am

Our weekly 1 hour sessions will provide you with the tools and tricks to teach your pet how to be a well-mannered companion.  Basic manners and obedience including loose lead walking and recall, some fun tricks and an introduction to agility are just some of the things covered.

This class is for dog’s who are sociable with other dog’s.

Classes are held at Haysden Country Park, in the dog training field at the rear of the car park.

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Common Questions

What do I need to bring to group classes and 1-2-1 sessions

  • Your dog, with a collar and an ID tag showing your surname and address (a telephone number is also useful).

  • A harness if you have one, for use with a long line training lead.

  • A lead. No retractable leads, slip leads, choke collars or choke chains.

  • An easily accessible treat pouch, filled with lots of high value treats…your dog will get through a lot!

  • A toy if your dog works well for a toy reward.

  • Poo bags (just in case)!

  • Water on hot days for you and your dog.

  • Classes that are held outside will operate in all weathers.  Please wear suitable clothing and footwear and we always like to see our dogs in their smart raincoats too!

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